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Amec Opinion – What are appraisals for?

We have already briefly explored the topic of appraisals in this session (The “Majority of the Minority,” Dec/13, and “That Simple,” May/14). Now it’s time to tackle this subject head on.

In the 90’s, market activists claimed for basic parameters that attested that specific corporate events took place based on fair terms for all parties. This involved some legal issues (the tag along, for example), some procedural issues (to ensure that shareholders could really choose, without the pressure of a spade on their heads) and also some value issues.

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Changes to the dates of meetings due to the holidays during the World Cup

Due to the holidays during the World Cup, some meetings had their dates changed as follows:

The Technical Commission’s meeting, scheduled for July 16, will take place on July 23.
The Foreigners Commission’s call, scheduled for July 22, will take place on July 24.

The meetings of the Executive Board and of the Advisory Board will take place as previously scheduled, on June 26 and 24, respectively.

Confirmations of attendance must be sent to

    Calpers is Amec’s new foreign member    

Calpers, one of the world’s major pension funds, has submitted its request to become an Amec’s member this month. It is the 63rd organization to become part of the association’s group of members.

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    Verta Capital becomes Amec’s member    

Vertra Capital is an investment management firm focused on shares and established in 2013 in Rio de Janeiro. Its Chief Investment Officer, Rodrigo Fonseca, was previously manager of the Brazilian stock at Pollux Capital and analyst and manager at ARX and Opportunity. The company follows an investment line focused on the long term, based on proprietary and original research and on a rigorous value discipline and qualitative analysis of investments. The firm’s investment positions vary according to the value, basis and the identified market inefficiency, as well as to eventual catalysts.

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    Amec contributes to ICGN Global Corporate Governance Principles    

The International Corporate Governance Network (ICGN) requested Amec’s contribution for its Global Corporate Governance Principles project, especially about the Brazilian experience in companies with a defined controlling shareholder.

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    CODIM discloses Pronouncement about ‘The Company Relationship with the Press’    

On June 2, 2014, CODIM (Steering Committee for Disclosure to the Market) published its Guidance Pronouncement (Pronunciamento de Orientação) No. 17 about The Company Relationship with the Press.

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    Scholars from the Law School of Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV) bring out book about CRSFN – Conselho de Recursos do Sistema Financeiro Nacional (Committee of Resources of the National Financial System)    

The book “Estudos avançados de mercado de capitais: Conselho de Recursos do Sistema Financeiro Nacional“ (Advanced studies on the capital market: Committee of Resources of the National Financial System), coordinated by Viviane Muller Prado and Juliana Bonacorsi de Palma, from FGV’s Law School, has just been launched. The book aims to provide tools and information to enhance the debate about CRSFN’s work as a regulatory aid of the securities market.

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    The power of ideas for a sustainable capitalism    

Raymundo Magliano Filho, former president of Bovespa (2001 to 2007), launches a book about his trajectory and tells how the knowledge of major philosophers were of utmost importance for the movement that drove the popularization of the Stock Exchange.

    Amec to participate in the 4th Congress on Corporate Law    

The 4th Congress on Corporate Law will take place at Pergamon hotel, in São Paulo, on August 19 and 20. During the congress, several topics regarded by specialists as urgent in the corporate law sphere will be addressed, such as: review of the penal code, CADE (Administrative Council for Economic Defense), conflict of interests and private benefit, corporate governance, judicial recovery processes, alternative methods for the solving of corporate disputes, management of corporate acts, Law No. 12.973/2014 and limited liability companies.

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    16º Encontro Nacional de Relações com Investidores e Mercado de Capitais (16th National Meeting of Relations with Investors and the Capital Market)    

Date: July 22 and 23, 2014
Promoted by ABRASCA and IBRI
Venue: FECOMERCIO - Rua Dr. Plinio Barreto, 285 – Bela Vista – São Paulo – SP

ABRASCA’s (legal entities) or IBRI’s (individuals) members - R$ 1,200.00
Supporting Entities’ members - R$ 2,500.00
Others - R$ 3,300.00

Information and registration:

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