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T. Rowe Price is the new member of Amec

Established in 1937 and based in Baltimore, T. Rowe Price is a global investment management company with approximately $750 billion in assets under management.

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    Confirmation of March meetings and AGM    

Amec’s Annual General Meeting is scheduled to take place on April 23, 2015, at Amec’s headquarters, in São Paulo.

Amec meetings – for members only – are confirmed as follows:

Technical Commission – March 18, at Amec’s headquarters in São Paulo, with remote access.
Board of Directors – March 26, at Amec’s headquarters in São Paulo.

Confirmations of attendance must be submitted to

Click here to access Amec’s annual calendar of meetings.

    Registrations for the 2015 Amec Investor Forum are open    

Amec Seminar – the association’s major annual event – had its name changed and, from this year on, it’s called Amec Investor Forum. This change reflects the propositional style that has been characterizing previous editions, a result of a healthy debate environment. Additionally, Amec has partnered with Insper, one of Brazil’s most important higher education institutions that made its auditorium available for the event. The Forum will take place on May 28. “The Investor Forum reflects the evolution of Amec in its role of collaborating with concrete solutions for the challenges in the Brazilian capital market and minority shareholders. The partnership with Insper provides our debates with even more quality and content,” explains Mauro Rodrigues da Cunha, CEO of Amec.

This year, the forum is entitled “Form X Essence – The Challenges of Investing in Brazil.” Amec suggests frank and innovative debates about the most pressing topics affecting investors, including issues such as restructuring transactions, appraisal reports, management fiduciary duties, management compensation, damages and compensation to investors, and stewardship.

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    Association expresses its opinion against the “Super preferred shares”    

On March 20, Amec – the Association of Capital Market Investors – published a Notice to the Market criticizing suggested and already created transactions that have been leading to disparities, mainly among common and preferred shareholders.

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    Amec publishes Notice to the Market about Petrobras    

Amec – the Association of Capital Market Investors – has carefully analyzed corporate governance-related issues in Petrobras that have contributed to the current scenario, broadly announced by the press. Economists and lawyers of the associations’ technical team, as well as board members, analyzed and discussed each point of the case. Based on these analyses, the association published, on March 11, its arguments and conclusions about the company’s corporate governance problems and their implications for the domestic market.

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    CVM launches portal with new functionalities    

On March 9, the Brazilian Securities Exchange Commission (CVM) launched its new portal with innovations in the access to information and in browseability terms. According to the CEO of CVM, Leonardo Pereira, the reformulation is part of the Strategic Planning started in 2013 that, since then, has been guiding several of the regulator’s activities.

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    IBGC voices about governance in government-controlled companies and is supported by Amec    

The Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance – IBGC - issued a new opinion letter positioning itself about the governance in companies controlled by the federal, state, local, and the Federal District governments. In this first document addressing the topic, IBGC suggests recommendations on two sensitive points.

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    Chilean newspaper reveals internal disputes that threaten Itaú and CorpBanca merger    

On March 6, the Chilean Elmostrador newspaper put the merger between Itaú and CorpBanca at stake, claiming internal disputes and issues raised by market participants.

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    SEC decides to look closer at internal compliance against corrupt practices in foreign companies    

Internal compliance controls at firms regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) will get more scrutiny this year. According to SEC enforcement director, Andrew Ceresney, the regulator will be more active in this area in the coming months.

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    TIAA-CREF leads move to make it easier for shareholders to nominate board candidates    

According to an article published by Reuters, TIAA-CREF, one of the largest U.S. assets manager, is asking the top 100 companies in which it invests to make it easier for shareholders to nominate board candidates.

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    Bank of America allows nomination of board member by minority shareholders    

According to Bloomerg, the Bank of America has decided to allow long-term investors to nominate candidates to its board of directors, meeting the growing demand by institutional investors to have broader access to the proxy voting process. The decision allows groups of investors with less than 3 percent of the capital to make independent nominations, despite the inexistence of such legislation in the USA.

    ANBIMA promotes the 8th Congress of Investment Funds    

On May 19 and 20, ANBIMA (Brazilian Financial and Capital Market Association) will be holding its 8th Congress of Investment Funds in São Paulo.

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    ABVCAP 2015 Congress    

Promoted by ABVCAP – Brazilian Association of Private Equity & Venture Capital
Dates: April 7 and 8
Venue: Hotel Windsor Atlântica - Avenida Atlântica, 1020 – Copacabana – Rio de Janeiro

Deadline From March 21 on
1st registration R$3,150.00
2ndregistration R$3,000.00
3rd and subsequent registrations R$2,600.00
1st registration R$3,600.00
2ndregistration R$3,500.00
3rd and subsequent registrations R$3,100.00
1st registration R$4,100.00
2ndregistration R$3,900.00
3rd and subsequent registrations R$3,500.00

Information and registrations:

    17th National Meeting of Relations with Investors and the Capital Market    

Date: July 14-15, 2015
Venue: Fecomercio – Rua Dr. Plinio Barreto, 285, São Paulo, SP
Information: (55 11) 3107.5557 -

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