2017 annual report addresses the advances and the challenges to be overcome by Amec

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The 2017 annual report of Amec – the Association of Capital Market Investors – is now live. Despite the political and economic setbacks the country has suffered, the association’s efforts have borne fruit. In 2017, four new firms jointed Amec. Porto Seguro, BNDESPar, Joule Asset Management, and Tagus joined the association’s member group that today totals 59 institutional investors with approximately $600 billion reais under management. Additionally, the Amec Stewardship Code closed the year with 16 signatories, among which pension funds, demonstrating the engagement and interest of institutional investors in exercising their fiduciary duties.
In 2017, Amec also enhanced its own governance structure with the creation of its new Advisory Board, with mandate to evaluate the association’s work on the long-term perspective and help prepare its strategic planning. Enhancements were also made to the Board of Directors, Amec’s highest authority. Now, the board is composed of up to 15 members and no longer 18 members, who will be serving two-year mandates instead of three.
Click here for the full 2017 Annual Report (the printed version was handed in to the members in the AGM held on April 19).