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How to become a member

A group of institutional and independent investors founded the Association of Capital Markets Investors (Amec) on October 26, 2006, with the aim of improving capital markets and advocating in favor of minority shareholders’ rights.

Almost 17 years later, Amec brings together dozens of members, including local and foreign institutional investors and pension funds, with approximately BRL 900 billion in assets under management in the local equity market.

As part of its activities, Amec promotes the best corporate governance practices in the country by:

  • Facilitating the dialogue between industry stakeholders through debates, events, and discussion forums;
  • Engaging with regulators and legislators to propose improvements in legislation and new public policies;
  • Establishing thought leadership as a think tank by creating educational, informative materials, and technical content, and interacting with the press.

Amec’s members have several benefits and institutional support. The Association represents them in public hearings and other regulatory issues and provides exclusive content on technical matters, engagement meetings, and forums to debate corporate transactions, corporate governance, and sustainability affairs.

How to become a member

As part of the membership process, the organization that wishes to join Amec must send  a Membership Proposal/ Registration Form that will be analyzed by the Board of Directors alongside the following documents:

*1  Amec considers Equity as: stock funds and hedge funds that invest in variable income products. For further details, please see the Registration Form.
*2  Amec considers Corporate Bonds as: every security registered as fixed income, except for sovereign bonds and repo operations backed by sovereign, state, or municipal bonds.  For further details, please see the Registration Form.

CONTRIBUTION RANGES Click on the tabs below to see which range applies to your organization:

Mostly Equity
Faixa / Band AUM
(BRL mm)
Contribuição / Contribution
(BRL/mês) / (BRL/month)
    Asset Manager Fundos de Pensão / Pension Fund
1 300 795 795
2 300 1.000 1.391 1.391
3 1.000 5.000 3.178 3.820
4 5.000 10.000 11.916 9.275
5 10.000 15.000 16.884 9.275
6 15.000   21.244 9.275

See the supporting documents list for instructions on how to make the calculations.

Data processing and protection

Amec is responsible for adopting technical and operational security measures to process their customer’s data.

Amec’s employees, contributors, and suppliers are subject to confidentiality duties. Also, Amec updates and tests its security systems according to the best practices in the market, aiming to protect the personal data of its members and customers.

Amec is obliged to keep personal data to carry out the aforementioned purposes and discard personal data as often as possible in accordance with the national data protection regulations.

In case of doubts regarding Amec’s storage and use of personal data, please contact:

Where we are

Rua Iguatemi, 448
Conjunto 402 / 4º andar
Itaim Bibi, São Paulo – SP – CEP 01451-010

Direct contact

Phone: +55 (11) 2391-6863