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November 28th 2017 – ASSOCIAÇÃO DE INVESTIDORES NO MERCADO DE CAPITAISAmec – announces that its Board of Directors has approved today the following notice.
As Market participants are aware, Eletrobras has recently started a restructuring process, which depends on a number of decisions that will be taken to shareholder meetings over the next few months. The first one of such meetings is scheduled for November 30th 2017.
As Amec has done in December 2012, we urge our members to (1) duly analyze the proposals being submitted to shareholders, (2) participate in the shareholder meetings and (3) exercise you voting rights, according to the company’s best interests and those of the institutional investor’s final beneficiaries.
Such actions are more than a consequence of fiduciary duties of institutional investors, as per Amec’s Stewardship Code. They become even more important given the historic relevance of this case, and the specific conditions that apply to it – including the possible abstention by the controlling shareholder on certain proposals.