Amec contributes to CVM’s Public Hearing SDM No 08/13

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Amec’s Technical Commission analyzed and discussed the new draft that makes changes to CVM Instruction No. 358 and 480 – Disclosure of Relevant Act or Fact. After being approved by its Advisory Board, the association declared it is in favor of the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission’s initiative, pointing out that, in Amec’s opinion, the disclosure of information about relevant acts or facts, not only in widely-circulated newspapers, but also, cumulatively or alternatively, in news portals in the internet, can in some way eventually reduce the knowledge about or reach to such information by investors, reason why it suggests that, when implemented, such change is monitored by CVM.
In its official communication, the entity also highlighted the fact that it has already submitted the suggestion that the request of multiple votes is considered a Relevant Fact, by means of the President Letter 01/2013.
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To access the President Letter, please visit