Amec contributes to public hearing about the Governance Program of State-Owned Companies prepared by BM&F Bovespa

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Amec’s members have formalized their recommendations for the Governance Program of State-Owned Companies that has been prepared by the Brazilian Stock Exchange – BM&F Bovespa -, currently under public hearing. The main suggestions addressed in the letter are related to the importance of having career public servants in SOEs’ Boards of Directors and of banning Ministers, State or Local Secretaries, as well as employees who occupy positions of trust, to participate in the Boards.
Additionally, the association congratulated BM&F Bovespa’s effort towards creating a propitious environment for the adoption of distinctive practices for listed state-owned companies.
According to Amec’s CEO, Mauro Rodrigues da Cunha, “BM&F Bovespa has been sensitive to specific problems affecting listed owned-stated companies and their impact on the capital market as a whole. The initiative is worthy to be praised for deriving from the successful principles that led to the creation of Novo Mercado – including public consultations to market participants. ”
Click here to read the President Letter 10/2015 sent to BM&F Bovespa.