Amec debates regulation in the Americas

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Amec participated in the regional meeting of the Americas of the Capital Markets Policy Committee (CMPC), part of the CFA Institute. The meeting took place in the end of March and was an important opportunity for Amec to contribute with the forum and also get closer to the CFA Institute, which gathers more than 100,000 investment professionals from more than 100 countries.
The CMPC has been publishing papers and opinions that influence on regulations in several countries, such as the paper about dark pools that impacted on the Canadian and Australian regulations. The Director of DED in Dallas, John Duca, participated in the event by delivering a speech about shadow banking. At the event, Amec suggested that the CFA Institute get directly involved in the global discussion on the proxy voting topic by engaging in the debates  promoted by ICGN and OECD, in which Amec already takes part, but that do not count on CFA Institute’s participation. Amec also addressed other topics during the meeting, among which insider trading, fiduciary duties of investment managers and investment instruments such as ADRs and total return swaps.