Amec discusses the new independent auditor’s report

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Amec’s Technical Commission welcomed, on October 19th, 2016, the EY’s representatives Luiz Passetti and Luiz Marques, who made a presentation about the new independent auditor’s report, which will be compulsory for Brazilian listed companies as part of their 2016 financial statements.
This change is already in place in the United Kingdom for 3 years, with significant impacts on the transparency of listed companies. With the disclosing of the “Main Audit Issues,” for example, the report enables a better understanding of important topics and provides access to a wealth of information resulting from the interaction between independent auditors and the companies, superficial to the external audience by then.
The new auditor’s report represents a significant advancement in the transparency of companies and quality of audit processes.
Click here to access EY’s presentation to Amec’s Technical Commission.