Amec endorses Vale’s restructuring proposal

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On March 29, the Association of Capital Market Investors – Amec – published a Notice to the Market endorsing the proposal presented by Vale’s controlling shareholders. The ultimate objective is the unification of all classes of shares and the eventual migration to BM&F Bovespa’s Novo Mercado special listing segment. Amec’s Technical Commission analyzed the deal and the members present in the meeting were unanimous in considering it positive.
“Amec is usually remembered for criticizing some specific operations. But it’s part of our posture to point out the good examples as well. That’s the case of Vale’s restructuring proposal,” states Mauro Rodrigues da Cunha, Amec CEO. That’s also the objective of the annual Amec Corporate Event Award, created in 2012 to recognize the best operations carried out in the previous year.
It’s important to highlight that the association’s view refers specifically to the relation established among the controlling shareholders and minority shareholders and to the terms relative to the operation’s structure.
Amec makes no voting recommendation and does not intend to analyze whether the offered exchange ratio deserves its members’ votes.
Click here to access the Notice to the Market: Vale.