Amec to participate in the 4th Congress on Corporate Law

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The 4th Congress on Corporate Law will take place at Pergamon hotel, in São Paulo, on August 19 and 20. During the congress, several topics regarded by specialists as urgent in the corporate law sphere will be addressed, such as: review of the penal code, CADE (Administrative Council for Economic Defense), conflict of interests and private benefit, corporate governance, judicial recovery processes, alternative methods for the solving of corporate disputes, management of corporate acts, Law No. 12.973/2014 and limited liability companies.
Amec’s CEO, Mauro Rodrigues da Cunha, was invited to participate in the event as the speaker of the following panel:
On August 19, at 3:10 pm, CORPORATE GOVERNANCE FROM THE CORPORATE POINT OF VIEW: Establish Standards and Models to Avoid Capital Flight in your Company, Help Consolidate your Brand in the Market and Add Value to your Assets.

  • How the company’s habits can define its position? Learn more about the points to be developed for the establishing of a corporate governance that brings improvements and reflects the transparency of your operations before the internal and external audiences
  • Adoption of internal advisory bodies aimed to ensure the integrity of operations and prepare the company to go public: favoring in M&A processes, among others
  • SOX Law: the importance of avoiding the flight of financial investments and investors – Avoid unsecure scenarios
  • Recent decisions by the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM) and Bovespa’s instructions involving corporate governance and the active presence in the capital market
  • Issue of Debentures: how to offer your company’s debts to the market to raise funds

For additional information and to register in the 4th Congress on Corporate Law, please access: