CAF is now part of the Corporate Sustainability Index

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Launched 10 years ago, the Corporate Sustainability Index (Índice de Sustentabilidade Empresarial – ISE) – is being reformulated. The long questionnaire was fully reviewed through a public consultation process. The Brazilian Takeover Panel – CAF – has actively participated in the reformulation of the questionnaire for the checking of the ISE and suggested the inclusion of questions about the adherence and consultation to CAF in the section related to corporate governance issues. The new questionnaire was released and all suggestions recommended by CAF have been included, what demonstrates that the adherence and consultation to CAF is recognized by the market, in addition to being important when it comes to the evaluation of corporate governance issues. The Sustainability is evaluated according to three pillars: Respect for the Environment, Relationship with Stakeholders and Corporate Governance.
The Corporate Sustainability Index is sponsored by the Brazilian Securities, Commodities and Futures Exchange – BM&F Bovespa – and comprises shares of companies with a differentiated sustainability level, based on an annual questionnaire sent to publicly-held companies. According to the answers, companies are either included or not in the index.