Calpers is Amec’s new foreign member

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Calpers, one of the world’s major pension funds, has submitted its request to become an Amec’s member this month. It is the 63rd organization to become part of the association’s group of members.
Calpers is a relevant protagonist in the global debate on corporate governance practices and shareholders’ rights. With approximately $300 billion USD under its management, Calpers is the pension fund of the public servants from the State of California and was a pioneer in the corporate activism, having contributed to several forums about the topic.
The conversation with Calpers started during an event promoted by the International Corporate Governance Network (ICGN) held in Rio de Janeiro, in 2012, in which Amec sponsored a breakfast for local and foreign investors. In Amec’s last roadshow in the US Western Coast, the association’s CEO visited the pension fund and could accelerate the conversations that resulted in the fund’s membership.
It is an important partnership for the promotion of shareholders’ rights in Brazil.