Changes to Amec’s Executive Board

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After seven years directly involved in Amec’s activities, our founder Luis Stuhlberger requested to leave the entity’s Executive Board. In his resignation speech, Luis highlighted he will continue committed to Amec as a member of the institution’s Advisory Board. The decision opens room to an important renewal in the body responsible for the association’s daily activities.
The Executive Board has elected Jorge Simino, Investment Director at Fundação CESP, to replace Luis. Simino is the only Amec’s member among the Brazilian pension funds, what shows Funcesp’s pioneering spirit and its concern for the rights of minority shareholders.
Jorge Simino, who has been Investment Director at Fundação CESP since 2005, is responsible for managing some R$ 22 billion in assets for investments at the foundation. Simino graduated in Economy from University of São Paulo and is certified by ICSS – Instituto de Certificação dos Profissionais de Seguridade Social (“Institute of Certification of Social Security Professionals”). Prior to his position at CESP, he was Senior Partner at MSConsult – Economia &Negócios from 2004 to 2005 and Chief Executive Officer at Unibanco Asset Management – Banco de Investimento S/A from 1995 to 2003.
In his speech, Amec’s new Vice President said: “I hope my contribution to Amec’s development reaches the same standard as that of those who have been building the entity’s history to date.”