Contributions to Amec Stewardship Code are now available

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The Association of Capital Market Investors – Amec – has received a number of contributions to the draft version of Amec Stewardship Code. The code’s final version will be deliberated by Amec’s Board of Directors on September 1st and its release to the Brazilian capital markets will take place during the 2016 Amec Investor Forum to be held on October 27th, when the association celebrates its 10th anniversary.
The ultimate objective of the code is to help institutional investors fulfill their fiduciary duties before clients through the exercise of their political rights. According to Amec CEO, Mauro Rodrigues da Cunha, it’s essential for the capital markets that institutional investors act as owners as they are. “Every institutional investor has individual fiduciary duties before its clients that go beyond the sale and purchase of shares. Shares give them not only the right to a flow of funds, dividends, and capital gains, but also to several political rights. To ignore such political rights means to not faithfully meet fiduciary duties,” he states.
In line with global trends, the code will bring principles, mechanisms and policies that will guide investors in all governance-related issues – including their own and their investees’.
Click here to access the draft version of Amec Stewardship Code
Stewardship – Public Consultation – Aberdeen contribution
 Stewardship – Public Consultation – Apimec contribution
 Stewardship – Public Consultation – Banco do Brasil contribution
 Stewardship – Public Consultation – World Bank contribution
 Stewardship – Public Consultation – CFA Institute contribution
 Stewardship – Public Consultation – IBGC contribution
 Stewardship – Public Consultation – ICGN contribution
 Stewardship – Public Consultation – PRI contribution
Stewardship – Public Consultation – Renato Chaves contribution