Decision taken by the members of Dasa’s Board of Directors is in line with the evaluation of Amec’s Technical Commission

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Dasa’s Board of Directors has met the expectations of Amec’s Technical Commission by announcing that the company can eventually call an Extraordinary Stockholders’ General Meeting to suspend the voting rights of its shareholder Mr. Edson Bueno in the event he manages to purchase more than 15% of the capital involved in the transaction and does not carry out a second offer for the shares.
The Board’s members contracted out the law firm Barbosa, Mussnich & Aragão (BM&A) to prepare an opinion about the event. The document points out differences between the voluntary offer and the offer resulting from the “poison pill” and states: “In this potential second offer, which is statutory, price conditions can be eventually different, therefore changing the shareholder’s sale conditions.”
In the last meeting of Amec’s Technical Commission, held on January 15th, representatives of Amec’s members showed concern and stated that Dasa’s Board members should clearly position themselves regarding the price offered and  the provision in the company’s by laws, which obliges an eventual second offer, with additional procedure requirements.
In Amec’s opinion, Dasa’s Board of Directors has given a good example of how to meet its fiduciary duties, going beyond the mere compliance with bureaucratic formalities.