Eumedion (the Netherlands) encourages more comprehensive auditing opinions

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The Dutch association of institutional investors has submitted comments on the proposal for the review of independent auditing opinions to the International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board (IAASB). Eumedion believes that “auditing opinions can become more relevant and useful for investors.” With this in mind, it calls the attention to the proposal dealing with the inclusion of the Auditing Committee’s opinion regarding the communications among these committees and independent auditors.
At the same time, Eumedion has criticized the timeframe proposal by IAASB for the reform to be effective (2017). As such, it suggested that IAASB expedites the process. At the same time, the association has been engaging with Dutch companies so that they adopt more comprehensive opinions even before the proposed date and has been successful in many cases.
To read Eumedion’s full communication, please click here.