Explanation about stewardship can be accessed in Amec website

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The videos of the Amec 2016 Investor Forum – 10-year anniversary edition – are already available in the association website: http://amecbrasil.org.br/portfolio/amec-videos/. More than depicting the event, the videos provide all participants of the domestic market with the opportunity to access a detailed explanation of the Amec Stewardship Code.
Held on October 27th, the event staged the launch of the code and the adhesion of the first 11 professional management firms. The pioneering signatories include large banks – Banco do Brasil, Itaú, Santander, and Votorantim – international fund management companies – Aberdeen, Cartica, and Hermes – and local independent management companies – Argúcia , Bridge Trust, Leblon Equities, Teorema and, later, Victoire.
The strong presence of pension funds’ representatives – including ABRAPP (the Brazilian National Association of Pension Funds) – in the launch event also indicates the interest of this community of investors in the principles comprising the Code.
Amec will now focus on creating a working group to prepare the Implementation Manual – a kind of handbook to help signatories comply with the Code’s principles. It will not work as a regulation, but a guide to make the Code more efficient. The signatories will be invited to participate in the group.
Click here to access the videos in Amec website.
Click here to access the videos in YouTube.