Fábio Coelho is re-elected as Amec’s CEO

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The CEO of the Brazilian Association of Capital Markets Investors (Amec), Fábio Henrique de Sousa Coelho, has been re-elected for a new tenure in charge of the Management Board. He was chosen by the Board of Directors in a meeting on April 29, after the Board itself went through a renovation (see story).

The Association ‘s Management Board also has two new vice-presidents, Rodrigo Santoro Geraldes (Bram) and Eduardo Figueiredo (Aberdeen). The vice-presidents, Alexandre Mathias (Petros), André Gordon (GTI), Guilherme de Morais Vicente (Onyx) and Paulo de Sá (Vivest) were already part of the Management Board.

Mr. Fábio Coelho.

“I am honoured to be re-elected to lead Amec for a new tenure, an association that will celebrate its 15th anniversary in 2021. We have had many reasons to be proud of Amec during this journey and we will remain committed to our strategic goal of becoming a governance think-tank,” says Fábio Coelho. He highlights that creating value for Amec’s Members, mostly asset managers and pension funds, is a priority for his tenure.

Before taking over as Amec’s CEO, Mr. Coelho has served as Chairman at the National Superintendence of Complementary Pensions (Previc), the federal agency for pension funds. Having majored in civil engineering, with a master’s degree and a PhD in Economics, Mr. Coelho began his career as an economist at the Brazilian Central Bank. He is also a professor at Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV).

New vice-presidents – The head of Aberdeen Standard Investments office in Brazil, Eduardo Figueiredo, is one of the new Members of Amec’s Management Board. With a Bachelor’s in Business and Management and holding an Anbima CGA certificate, he began his professional career at Mauá Investimentos. He was already a Member of Amec ‘s technical committee, in addition to being a member of B3’s Câmara Consultiva de Emissores e Estruturadores de Oferta – CCEE

Mr. Eduardo Figueiredo.

“We believe Amec has a key role in ensuring that local and foreign investors are represented in debates with several market agents, to contribute to the pursuit of best practices. It also adds to the evolution of regulation by signalling occasional deviations and providing suggestions. As Members of the Management Board, we hope to contribute actively by offering the perspective of foreign investors and fulfilling our commitment to Stewardship in the Brazilian market,” says Mr. Figueiredo.

Rodrigo Santoro Geraldes, Head of Equities at Bradesco Asset Management, is the other new Member at Amec’s Management Board. Holding a bachelor’s degree in Business Management and a Master’s in Economics and Finance at Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV), the professional began his career at Bradesco Corretora and he has also worked at Bradesco BBI.

Mr. Rodrigo Santoro Geraldes.

“Amec has a relevant role in the evolution of the Brazilian capital markets and in defending the rights of minority shareholders. The association actively supports the best practices in corporate governance, contributing to the market with its statements, always with legal and technical support. I hope to contribute to Amec, so it can keep on improving corporate governance in the Brazilian capital market.”


CEO: Fábio Coelho

VPs: Alexandre Mathias (Petros), André Gordon (GTI), Guilherme de Morais Vicente (Onyx), Paulo de Sá (Vivest), Eduardo Figueiredo (Aberdeen), Rodrigo Santoro (Bram)