Porto Seguro joins Amec

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On May 12, Porto Seguro joined the group of Amec’s members. Porto Seguro is a Brazilian company that has been operating in the market for more than 70 years and is one of the country’s major insurance firms and the largest one in the car and household insurance segment. Today, it has approximately 8 million clients, 15,000 employees, 18,000 service vendors and 30,000 partner brokers. In 2016, it had net sales of $923 million reais.
Porto Seguro has 128 branches and regional offices all over Brazil. The Porto Seguro Group is comprised of 27 companies – among which Azul Seguros and Itaú Seguros de Auto e Residência – that operate in the most diverse segments, such as insurance, financial products, emergency and convenience products, protection and monitoring, mobile telephony, and health insurance for pets, among others.