The power of ideas for a sustainable capitalism

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Raymundo Magliano Filho, former president of Bovespa (2001 to 2007), launches a book about his trajectory and tells how the knowledge of major philosophers were of utmost importance for the movement that drove the popularization of the Stock Exchange
Have you ever imagined that the philosophical concepts of philosophers such as Norberto Bobbio, Hannah Arendt and Antonio Gramsci were part of the strategies for the expansion of the Brazilian stock market? These thinkers guided Raymundo Magliano Filho during his mandate as Bovespa’s President, from 2001 to 2007. The teachings focused on transparency, visibility, access, democratization and citizenship were also present in the Magliano’s actions and mainly in the movement that drove the popularization of the Brazilian Stock Exchange.
This combination of businesses, capital market and philosophy are in the book A força das ideias para um capitalismo sustentável(“The power of ideas for a sustainable capitalism”), by Raymundo Magliano Filho, launched this month at FGV, in São Paulo. Magliano has always worked in the stock market; he started his career at Magliano Corretora, founded by his father, who was also president of the Stock Exchange. A great observer and a lover of words, he was surprised in a meeting when someone presented an interesting solution based on philosophical concepts, at which time he realized that those thoughts could also help him be more successful in his businesses and contribute to a legacy in the future. In 1972, the executive found a true passion for the studies in Philosophy, Political Sciences and Anthropology. He started to discuss the topics weekly and has had several professors for the last 30 years, among whom Tércio Sampaio Ferraz Jr.
“I started to believe that these concepts, when appropriately applied, are able to generate a deep cultural change that can create more opportunities, social inclusion and social and environmental responsibility. Accordingly, when we combine thoughts and actions to overcome challenges, we can truly experience the power of ideas, of the interpersonal cooperation and of the civic spirit,” Raymundo Magliano Filho wrote in his book.
The former president of Bovespa has become known for his irreverence and natural way of taking the Stock Exchange to several places and audiences, such as in the case of “Bovespa Vai até Você” (“Bovespa where you are”), a program aimed to disseminate information and knowledge about major investment concepts in shares that included visits to companies, universities and to the country’s interior and coastal region. Another important initiative was “Mulheres em Ação” (“Women in Action”), in addition to other actions to encourage the creation of investment funds focused on making the Stock Exchange more popular among the society’s several audiences and groups. Transparency was also another important concept that Magliano put into practice through the creation of the “Ombudsman and the corporate governance levels”, such as Novo Mercado, which has become a reference in the market.
Today, Magliano is the Director for Magliano Corretora and was the founder of the Norberto Bobbio Institute, focused on Culture, Democracy and Human Rights.
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