Verta Capital becomes Amec’s member

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Vertra Capital is an investment management firm focused on shares and established in 2013 in Rio de Janeiro. Its Chief Investment Officer, Rodrigo Fonseca, was previously manager of the Brazilian stock at Pollux Capital and analyst and manager at ARX and Opportunity. The company follows an investment line focused on the long term, based on proprietary and original research and on a rigorous value discipline and qualitative analysis of investments. The firm’s investment positions vary according to the value, basis and the identified market inefficiency, as well as to eventual catalysts.
“We decided to become Amec’s member because we believe in the seriousness and competence of the initiatives led by Mauro Cunha. In many situations in which the rights of the capital markets are important for our investment strategy, Amec has eventually showed to be a great partner, both in the way it represents the market when it comes to disputes and in the creation of technical knowledge related to the cases. We believe Amec plays a fundamental role in aligning companies for better corporate governance practices, what benefits the whole society,” states Rodrigo Fonseca, CIO of Vertra Capital.