XII CPC International Seminar – International Accounting Standards

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The Committee of Accounting Pronouncements – CPC – will be holding the “XII CPC INTERNATIONAL SEMINAR – INTERNATIONAL ACCOUNTING STANDARDS” in Renaissance Hotel (Alameda Santos, 2.233 – Jardim Paulista – São Paulo), from 8 am to 6 pm, on November 9, 2015 (Monday), as part of the committee’s program of continued education and sustainability. The event is organized by FACPC – Supporting Foundation to the Committee of Accounting Pronouncements.
The CPC was established with the objective of studying, preparing and issuing Technical Announcements about Accounting Procedures and disclosing related information to ensure the issue of standards by Brazilian regulatory agencies, aimed at centralizing and standardizing its production process, always taking into account the convergence of Brazilian Accounting Standards and international standards.
The objective of the program, which is now being prepared, is to provide a view of the most relevant ongoing/future changes, according to IASB’s and CPC’s agendas.
Some of the themes that can become part of the program, depending on its final formatting and according to the term and depth yet to be defined, are:

  • Disclosure Innovations: International Financial Reporting Standards – IFRS; Explanatory Notes – OCPC07 Guidance – initial results and Integrated Report – cases
  • Leases
  • Hybrid Financial Instruments
  • IFRS 15 – Revenue Recognition
  • Rate regulated activities and emissions trading schemes
  • Fair Value Measurement (IFRS 13 and CPC 46)
  • Impairment
  • CPC Study Group/ Internal Revenue Service
  • Conceptual Structure

Registrations are already open: www.facpc.org.br

Fees By September 30, 2015 By November 09, 2015
Teachers/Professors and Students R$ 418.00 R$ 440.00
Members of the entities associated to CPC* R$ 627.00 R$ 660.00
Sponsors’ collaborators R$ 836.00 R$ 880.00
Others R$ 1358.50 R$ 1430.00

* ABRASCA (Brazilian Association of Publicly-Held Companies), APIMEC (Association of Investment Analysts and Professionals of the Capital Market), BM&FBOVESPA (Brazilian Securities, Commodities and Future Exchange Commission), CFC/CRCs (Federal Accounting Council/Regional Accounting Councils), FIPECAFI (Accounting, Actuarial and Financial Research Institute Foundation), and IBRACON (Brazilian Institute of Independent Auditors).