CEO participates in OECD event about state-owned enterprises

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Mauro Rodrigues da Cunha, Amec’s CEO, represented the entity in an event promoted by OCDE – Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development – about state-owned enterprises, held on March 11th and 12th, in Buenos Aires.
The event was the Third Meeting of the Latin American Network of Corporate Governance of State-Owned Enterprises and counted on the presence of more than a dozen experts from all over the world.
The CEO participated in the panel that addressed the challenges for the corporate governance of state-owned enterprises when it comes to operations with related parties. The “Latin American Panel” Working Group on operations with related parties considered it is an issue that needs to be further analyzed and better developed with a view to identifying more efficient ways to control and avoid abuses in operations with related parties in state-owned enterprises, primarily in quasi public corporations and in companies not listed in Stock Exchanges. The Working Group requested the study to be presented in the Latin American Network of State-Owned Enterprises for discussion and feedback.
The event highlighted the rich material prepared by OECD about the governance topic in state-owned enterprises, which Amec makes available for its members:
Click here to access the links to the event:
Click here to access the Transparency and Accountability Framework for LA SOEs study:
Click here to access the Revision of the OECD Guidelines on CG of SOEs document:
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